Upcoming Fall looks...

Gray Pantyhose

Hello my loves, how are all of you doing this lovely Tuesday?? Today I'm actually going to visit my lovely friend at UCSD. I hope I get amazing shots down there. I think I'm going to love that upcoming posts. Well fall has finally arrived my loves, and although it doesn't feel like fall here in SD, I decided to do an upcoming fall look. I really love this look because it's so simple and classy. If it's raining, I can just add a simple coat and I'm set. 

The inspiration was obviously for fall, and boy it took a while to come up with this look. I kind of came up with this look, because of Forever 21's new layering they posted up on their website. I really do adore this look because it's so sweet and simple. My red bowler hat was essential for me, because I hate no having color. This girl always needs a pop of color. I think it brought the outfit together.

I hope you all love this outfit like I do. Remember my loves to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Le Facebook. Have a nice day. See you soon. Remember to smile!!

The Sam Diaries


Camo Hustler...

Happy Monday Loves. I'm just letting you all know, Sunday is a day of relaxation for me, so I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday. Also Sunday is football day. Nothing better than that to me. And for the boys that think I just sit there and watch. You are mistaken if you think I'm that type of girl. I'm the type to be screaming at the players, coaches, and referees wondering how they are getting paid when they suck. I'm just playing, but I do scream a lot.

I really don't know the inspiration for this outfit. It was just something I put on. I haven't worn this great muscle tee, my momma bought for me a little while back. It's really cute but beware that these type of shirts might shrink because mine did. It wasn't supposed to be this small. So for my fellow readers, beware of this. If you don't want your shirt to shrink, air dry it or have a smaller shirt. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. Spread love and never hate.

The Sam Diaries


Polka Dot Prep...

Polka Dot Dress: Find here on Ebay

Hello my loves. We have come again to another Saturday. It's finally getting cold here in SD, and I am cheering for joy. The only problem with that is that I need fall clothes ASAP. I need to update my wardrobe pronto. I'm sure that's how you all feel. I really want to get really cute boots for this fall/winter. I've never really had a good pair. My last pair are super worn out. I can't wait to go shopping!!

The inspiration for this outfit was me wanting to bring out the really girly side of me. I know I"m girly but I wanted to enter the preppy side of Sam. This is what she came up with and it was so cute. I honestly love this outfit so much. I can't wait to mix this in with my fall or winter clothes. It's definitely going to be super cute. I hope you all love this outfit.

I hope you all enjoying your Saturday. Have a fun weekend!! Love you all.

The Sam Diaries


Plaid Takeover...

Hey my loves, sorry about not posting yesterday. I completely forgot, so that is my bad. I'm really getting tired of it being hot. I want it to be cold. All I want to do is layer. I love being comfortable and bundled up. I can't wait for it to be so cold, you could talk and you could see the warmth of your breath in the air. I love having my nose being so cold, it could freeze. Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons. Summer is probably my last.

I don't know what the inspiration for this look was, but I definitely felt like Kylie Jenner and her little clan. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She's so gorgeous. Her outfits repeat a little too much, but hey that's her style. I do love this outfit, because I've never really done an outfit like this. It's what I call my teenage rebellion look. 

I hope you love this outfit. Have a fantastic Friday guys!! Love you all

The Sam Diaries


Mixing Patterns part 2...

What day is it? Hump day!! Oh how that makes me miss my dad. He always loves saying that. He in fact sends my sister, brother, and I a message every Wednesday a picture of the camel from that Geico comercial with a caption saying What day is it? Oh how I love my old man. He truly is the best. I hope you all are having a wonderful Hump day.

The inspiration for this outfit came from Marie Claire's September issue. I was flipping the pages and saw a streetstyle picture of a lady. I fell in love with what she was wearing, and then a light bulb went off in my head. I realized oh my gosh, I could do an outfit kind of like this, except a lot cheaper. I really do love this outfit. I felt like a model about to do a shoot for some company. I know, how dorky of me. I guess you can say I felt tall, and for some reason fierce. I hope you love this outfit.

I hope all my readers are doing my challenge of no make up for a week and if you are, leave comments of how you feel. Do you feel better? Do you have more confidence? Do you no longer need foundation? I hope you all feel a lot more confident with hardly any make up on. Love you all.

The Sam Diaries


Motorcycle Vest Girl...

Heart Pink & White Bodycon Skirt: Similar Here 
Combat Boots: Similar Here
Jewelry(Chain): Similar Here

Hey loves. It's almost the middle of the week!! Yes!! I really want it to be next week because the How I Met your Mother last season premiere. I hope I'm not the only one upset about who the mother was. I felt she looked to young for the role. But hey that's just my opinion. I'm still excited for the last season. I still can't believe it's last season.

The inspiration for this outfit was just me trying to appeal to my more bad girl side, I guess you can say. I felt a little bit sexy in this outfit. My rule for this though is, if you're going to show skin on the bottom, cover it up on the top. Vice versa too. You don't have to bare it all to be sexy. Many celebrities do it all the time. A good example that comes to my mind is Selena Gomez in her video Slow down. She's wearing a suit and she looks fierce. Check it out.

I hope you love today's outfit. Comment if you want me to do any specific outfits for you all. Love you all and have a fabulous day.

The Sam Diaries