Camo Hustler...

Happy Monday Loves. I'm just letting you all know, Sunday is a day of relaxation for me, so I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday. Also Sunday is football day. Nothing better than that to me. And for the boys that think I just sit there and watch. You are mistaken if you think I'm that type of girl. I'm the type to be screaming at the players, coaches, and referees wondering how they are getting paid when they suck. I'm just playing, but I do scream a lot.

I really don't know the inspiration for this outfit. It was just something I put on. I haven't worn this great muscle tee, my momma bought for me a little while back. It's really cute but beware that these type of shirts might shrink because mine did. It wasn't supposed to be this small. So for my fellow readers, beware of this. If you don't want your shirt to shrink, air dry it or have a smaller shirt. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. Spread love and never hate.

The Sam Diaries

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