Nature Center...

Sorry excuse the fact, that I don't know how to keep all my pictures aligned in the same size. I'm still getting used to all of this.

Doing some yoga and giving birth to my egg that I laid.

Owls are pretty cool creatures. It's crazy how they can turn their head basically all the way around.

Beautiful flowers.

I was really surprised, these fish didn't swim away. My flash was pretty bright, to get a clear picture. I wonder sometimes, what it's like to be a fish. 

I love these flowers. They're so bright & vivid. 

Cool shark sculpture made out of waste. At first, I didn't see it was made out of trash. Crazy how you can make anything into a piece of art.

Floral Tank: Pacsun l Denim Shirt: H&M l Skinnies: Pacsun l Boots: Tillys l Shoulder Bag: Unknown l Glasses: Target

So I went to the nature center and I haven't been there in years. I haven't been there since I was maybe about 12, the last time I went. The Nature Center is pretty cool, to see all different animals and creatures. I also felt bad for this hawk, it wanted to fly so bad. It kept trying to, but would run into the barrier from the outside world. It was a fun day and I recommend all you in San Diego, to go check it out.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

The Sam Diaries


Be Kind to One Another...

My awesome, weird brother that I love. 

Fedora: Target l Gold Necklace: Forever 21 l Shirt: Forever 21 l Camouflage leggings: Forever 21 l Bag: Forever 21 l Shades: Target l Combat Boots: Macys

Its Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday. Man I have not heard that song in forever. I remember when everyone used to make fun of Rebecca Black, poor her. Well she did get a little more than 15 minutes of fame. She was the girl to talk about for a couple of months, if I remember clearly. Well anyways, Happy Friday, hope you all are having a wonderful day and hope you all have a safe, amazing night.

This look was pretty simple, my mother had just got me this cute camouflage leggings, and knowing me I had to wear them immediately. I guess, you can say I got in touch with my "hipster" side. I'm absolutely adore this look, because it's casual and cool. Hope you guys love this look!!

The Sam Diaries


Lost Girl...

Graphic Shirt: Forever 21 l Leggings: Papaya l Trim Hat: Forever 21 l Combat Boots: Macy's

This was something I just threw on because I wanted to take more pictures with the flowers in the back while the sun was setting. Well anyways, it's Thursday already. This week went by so fast. Only 36 days till my graduation. It's crazy how fast time flies. I mean as cliche as it is, life is pretty short. I mean soon I'll be a freshman in college. 

There are times where I wish life could just slow down and I could live in this pause. I could do a million things that would take a lifetime to do. Well I've learned to live for each second, enjoy it, like there's no tomorrow.

Like I said this outfit was thrown together at random. It has a grunge feel to it. There were really no necklaces with color that I liked that could go with it. I hope you liked this simple, grunge outfit.

The Sam Diaries


The Dear Little Black Dress...

Peplum Dress: H&M l Earrings: Forever 21 l Heels: Forever 21

Woah its Wednesday already, deng. There isn't enough time in these days, they got by to fast especially since I get out so late. I would rather get up two hours earlier for school then get out late. I mean can't they see I don't have enough time for "homework." Oh my gosh my loves I have to tell you about Emmy Rossum. Her songs are like going back to the 20's, 30's. Her voice is enchanting. I really recommend you go check out her songs. My favorite is These Foolish Things.

This look was dedicated to my new gorgeous peplum dress and I'm in love with this dress. I felt, for the first time sexy in this dress. It was one of the first dresses that fit my body right. I still need an occasion for this dress, hopefully I get a chance soon. Hope you loved this look!!

The Sam Diaries



Graphic Tank: American Apparel l Jacket: Forever 21 l Print Leggings: Forever 21 l Pumps: JcPenney l Spike Earrings: H&M

Man can this week be over with? It's barely been two days back at school and I want it to be over, but I have got to say I had a wonderful day today. It was probably one of the best. Oh my gosh guys yesterday I signed up for Grad Nite and I'm so excited. My senior year is soon coming to an end. Crazy how fast 4 years have gone by.

Well this look was all about my tee. I was trying to make it the focus of the outfit and I think I did a pretty good job. I absolutely love this shirt. It's practically perfect for any ocassion. I hope you guys like this outfit!!

The Sam Diaries