Polka Dot Prep...

Polka Dot Dress: Find here on Ebay

Hello my loves. We have come again to another Saturday. It's finally getting cold here in SD, and I am cheering for joy. The only problem with that is that I need fall clothes ASAP. I need to update my wardrobe pronto. I'm sure that's how you all feel. I really want to get really cute boots for this fall/winter. I've never really had a good pair. My last pair are super worn out. I can't wait to go shopping!!

The inspiration for this outfit was me wanting to bring out the really girly side of me. I know I"m girly but I wanted to enter the preppy side of Sam. This is what she came up with and it was so cute. I honestly love this outfit so much. I can't wait to mix this in with my fall or winter clothes. It's definitely going to be super cute. I hope you all love this outfit.

I hope you all enjoying your Saturday. Have a fun weekend!! Love you all.

The Sam Diaries


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    1. Wow, thank you so much. This sure means a lot to me. And I sure will take that offer.