It's Floral Season...

Floral Top: Pacsun l Pants: Target l Combat Boots: Macys l Fedora: Target l Earrings: Forever 21

Hey guys it's Saturday. Deng my spring break is practically over, ugh why can't Spring break or any break be forever. It's been really fun relaxing, and I actually got a little tan today because the sun was finally out. For some reason my hometown has had no sun, well we've had some sun but not enough that we always have. 

Well anyways my outfit was pretty simple. I can say this is probably the most hipster I will look since everyone seems to call me one which I don't mind anymore. I have learned to embrace it. I've been using the typical florals everyone wears in spring. I hope you all loved this look!!

The Sam Diaries


Leather + Floral...

I swear I am so white. I need a tan. Unfortunately, California has not had the nice weather everyone is envy of. I guess Cali is a late bloomer.

Faux Leather Top: Forever 21 l Robot Necklace: Forever 21 l Red Belt: Forever 21 l 
High waisted floral shorts: Forever 21 l Polka Dot wedges: unknown l Earrings: Forever 21

I'm obsessed with Forever 21 as you can see, well just like any other girl in my community on a budget. I didn't realize that my outfit was a Forever 21 overdose. Well half of my wardrobe is Forever 21 since it's practically the only store that makes clothes I love and pretty affordable. Although I seriously need to check out JcPenney because of their new collection. I recommend you all go & check that out, for a fresh new take on your wardrobe.

I hope you like these two pictures I snapped of these beautiful flowers outside of my dad's place. They are blooming and they are gorgeous. I've got to say I have a little obsession with these flowers. I probably took about a billion of these pictures but I chose to only show two of my favorite. 

Now to my look for today. Well I haven't worn these high waisted floral shorts that I bought a while back. I really adored them and I've been trying to pair my faux leather top with bottoms that would make it look good. I hope you all loved this look like I did.

The Sam Diaries


Ice Cream Cone...

My awesome photographer. Bad pic of him but oh well. I love my daddy! He truly is the best, wouldn't replace him for anything. Thanks Pops!

Oversized Blazer: H&M l Graphic T-shirt: Forever 21 l Shorts: Macys l Earrings: Forever 21 l Beanie: handed down l Aviators: Target l Booties: H&M l Bag: JcPenney

I'm sorry, I swear this is the last time I take a break from blogging. I seriously need to get on this. What can I say, I'm lazy just like everyone else. Anyways I'm back and this time I will stay on task, I promise.

I hope you all have been having a great Spring Break like I have. Speaking of Spring Break, have any of you seen Spring Breakers? I did, some people hated it, some loved it, and some are in the middle. I was one of those in the middle. I thought it was alright, I felt that it was hyped up to much, that it was sort of a let down. And also the media talking about how Selena Gomez took a chance, well she doesn't even do anything "bad" in the movie. She's still the innocent Selena we all know.

I hope you all enjoy this look. I haven't worn my fabulous blazer that I love, because I've been searching for an oversized one. I have got to say I like blazers oversized or not so tight on me. I feel if it's tight it is to professional and is pretty uncomfortable. Anyways I hope you like this look!! Love you guys!!

The Sam Diaries


The Rock Princess...

I'm a dork I know.  Might as well be yourself on closeups. 

Crop Turtleneck Top: handed down l Skirt: Forever 21 l Sandals: unknown l Clutch Bag: Forever 21 l Spike Earrings: H&M l Sports Jacket: Forever 21

Hey there all my lovely fashion lovers!! Well it's Friday, friday gotta get down on Friday. Oh gosh I remember when Rebecca Black came out with that song. Well her 15 minutes of fame are over but anyways I hope you all are doing well. If you're not just remember you're gorgeous, beautiful, handsome all those wonderful words to describe someone and if you don't believe me well you're crazy. This girl never lies and sometimes I'm a little to straight forward with people.

I know this look may be a little funky & unusual for some of you but honestly this is one of my favorite looks I've styled on myself. I had this crop turtleneck top for a long ever since my lovely mother handed it down to me and well I was trying to put a look together with this top and since it's tight, I obviously couldn't put anything tight on the bottom or I looked like a well I think you know what. Anyways I finally found this adorable skirt of my mothers and it went perfectly together. Hope you all love this look!!

The Sam Diaries



Floral Blazer: Forever 21 l T-shirt: H&M l Jeans: Pacsun l Wedges: Target l Bag: Target l Owl Necklace: Forever 21

Hey guys I'm sorry that I've been gone for a while. I had a little break for myself & unfortunately I stayed away from my blog. Well I'm back and I'm going to continue to do my blog. Well it's thursday & my favorite show is back today. But I'm more excited for tomorrow because I don't know if you guys have seen the trailer for Spring Breakers but I'm excited to go see that. I will let you guys know if it was good.

I think I'm going to stop describing my outfits descriptively and just describe my outfits in short terms.
This outfit was what I call beach and the city. It has that flowly feel of the beach and that edge of the city. Hope you like it!!!

The Sam Diaries