Riding Dirty...

Woop woop, it's Thursday!! My show is on today and I can't wait to watch it. Well I hope your guys' day went super awesome! That sounded so corny but anyways I just want to wish you all a safe Friday and a joyful weekend, which I can't wait for Sunday and the only reason SUPERBOWL!! Duh!!

Well onto today's look. I felt like going for a sporty edge chick look. This letterman jacket has been the latest trend of the fashion world and well I'm constantly using this jacket. I didn't use much jewelry since the necklace just has that statement. I hope you all loved today's look!!

Letterman Jacket- Shimmer / V-neck Tee- Forever 21 / Faux Leather Leggings- Papaya / 
Studded Sneakers- H&M / Tribal Collar Necklace- Forever 21


Hello Sports Gal...

So due to me already posting about my laziness, this entry will be just straightforward about my look I chose for today. Although I have to tell you guys, I'm quite obsessed with this song kiss me by Ed Sheeran. His voice is just beautiful and mellow. I really wish I could sing good. Well that's off topic and now onto the look.

The look I just for today was just sporty chic. I've been dying for a plain baseball tee and I finally got one and since I had the perfect jacket to go with it, it was just beautiful. I know many of you might find this super simple but honestly it's probably one of my favorite comfortable looks. It's the perfect lazy look. Hope you all loved today's look!

Baseball tee- H&M / Sports Jacket- Forever 21 / Sunglasses- Target / Jeans- Pacsun / 
Wedge Sneakers- H&M

P.S. If you didn't notice this girl got a haircut. Hope you all love it just as much as I do.

A Dash of Bohemian...

It's the middle of the week guys!! Yes, only two more days till Friday. Thank God right?! Well I'm sorry that I've been a lazy butt these past few days, but I appreciate you all looking at my blog daily. It feels awesome when I know y'all are looking at it. 

Well for the look of yesterday, I haven't really exposed the bohemian side of me, so that was my challenge. Since, my hometown has some abnormal weather, I had to do a little of layering. As you can see, I did two different types of shoes because I felt that one is for the girl who loves heels(me) and the girl who loves flats and being laidback. I loved how the shoes gave off both a different feel to the look. I hope you all loved yesterday's look!!

Blazer- Forever 21 / Shaw- Forever 21 / Shirt- Forever 21 / Trousers- Target / Heels- Forever 21 / Combat Boots- Macy's / Feather Earrings- Tillys / Fedora- Target


The Uptown Girl...

Hello Monday!! Although many of you have a love/hate relationship, I honestly don't really hate Mondays. I mean it's the start of the week. Every week is a refresher. Always remember that!!

Well on to the look of today. I went for a preppy look. Excuse my messy hair, I honestly didn't  really know what to do with it which is why I'm getting my hair cut. The look was pretty straight forward. I added the pop of color with my suede pumps. I haven't worn this bad boys in a while, so it felt good to put on some real heels. I hope you all loved today's look!!

Cardigan- Forever 21 / Sweater- Tilly's / White collar shirt- Forever 21 / Jeans- Pacsun / Heels- JcPenney

P.S. Excuse my tired face, this girl didn't get her beauty sleep.


Hey there Upper East Siders...

T.G.I.F!!! What are you all doing on this cold Friday? Well whatever you're doing stay warm. A little rain storm has come into my hometown and so I got in touch with my upper east side roots. I did plan for another outfit, but the rain made me change my mind. This look was a key on layering. I found the beige to boring so I added my color blocking cardigan/blazer to give it some edge. The beanie was an essential piece to bring it all together. I hope you all loved today's look!!

Black collar shirt- Forever 21 / Beige Sweater- Forever 21 / Color blocking cardigan\blazer- JcPenney / 
Jeans- Pacsun / Booties- H&M / Rings- Forever 21


The Little Black Peplum Top...

Oh my gosh one more day till Friday!! To be honest, Thursday is my favorite day of the week and there's only one reason, duh Vampire Diaries. I'm super obsessed with that show, I just can never get enough of it. Well I hope you all had a fabulous day, although mine was alright. My thighs are so sore right now, I can't even walk up the stairs. Well the look for today was all about the peplum top. Since the peplum top is pretty classy, I decided to tone it down with sneakers, rolled up jeans, and a messy bun. I hope you all loved today's look!!

Peplum top- H&M / Jeans- Pacsun / Collar necklace- Forever 21 / Beige blazer- Papaya


Let me Love you + School Style 2...

Woop woop it's Wednesday, half way through the week thank God!! Well I hope you all had a great day. I surely had an alright day. Well for today I wanted to have a statement shirt with casual wear. I've actually had these pants since I was 10 I believe and well they are still useful as you can see. Since everything is neutral colors I added a pop of color with my lipstick which is when the make-up must do comes perfectly in hand. I hope you all loved today's look!!

Heart Crop Shirt- Forever 21 / Grey Trousers- Target / Brown boots- H&M

I really loved the way she played with neutrals. It has a taste of being formal and casual at the same time. She perfectly played it together. Add heels and a over sized blazer and you got your night outfit.

First time I've seen a guy dress this good at my school. I loved the layering he did, especially using this adorable cat sweater. The combat boots gives it a rugged look and keeps the outfit looking good head to toe.


Bonjour + School Style 1...

Happy Tuesday all!! So decided was back to school after a 3 day weekend and boy do I wish I could stay on vacation forever. Well for today's look, I went for a boho feel. I did have my hair up for school but I took it down due to a headache but I felt it gave that beachy feel. Hope you all loved today's look!!

V-neck print tee- Target / High to low skirt- JcPenney / Belt- Forever 21 / Combat boots- Macy's
Necklace- Target

So I'm going to start adding daily outfits that I loved that my peers wore to school! The theme for today was Denim. I felt that each took a different style. I loved that she used a white button up perfectly with this dress. Also I loved the orange shoulder bag, it gave it the color to brighten up the outfit. 

In this outfit I loved the different colors of denim. It was definitely different than anything I've seen at school. I felt this outfit had that laid back rocker feel. I absolutely loved it.