Upcoming Fall looks...

Gray Pantyhose

Hello my loves, how are all of you doing this lovely Tuesday?? Today I'm actually going to visit my lovely friend at UCSD. I hope I get amazing shots down there. I think I'm going to love that upcoming posts. Well fall has finally arrived my loves, and although it doesn't feel like fall here in SD, I decided to do an upcoming fall look. I really love this look because it's so simple and classy. If it's raining, I can just add a simple coat and I'm set. 

The inspiration was obviously for fall, and boy it took a while to come up with this look. I kind of came up with this look, because of Forever 21's new layering they posted up on their website. I really do adore this look because it's so sweet and simple. My red bowler hat was essential for me, because I hate no having color. This girl always needs a pop of color. I think it brought the outfit together.

I hope you all love this outfit like I do. Remember my loves to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Le Facebook. Have a nice day. See you soon. Remember to smile!!

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