Mixing Patterns part 2...

What day is it? Hump day!! Oh how that makes me miss my dad. He always loves saying that. He in fact sends my sister, brother, and I a message every Wednesday a picture of the camel from that Geico comercial with a caption saying What day is it? Oh how I love my old man. He truly is the best. I hope you all are having a wonderful Hump day.

The inspiration for this outfit came from Marie Claire's September issue. I was flipping the pages and saw a streetstyle picture of a lady. I fell in love with what she was wearing, and then a light bulb went off in my head. I realized oh my gosh, I could do an outfit kind of like this, except a lot cheaper. I really do love this outfit. I felt like a model about to do a shoot for some company. I know, how dorky of me. I guess you can say I felt tall, and for some reason fierce. I hope you love this outfit.

I hope all my readers are doing my challenge of no make up for a week and if you are, leave comments of how you feel. Do you feel better? Do you have more confidence? Do you no longer need foundation? I hope you all feel a lot more confident with hardly any make up on. Love you all.

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