Plaid Takeover...

Hey my loves, sorry about not posting yesterday. I completely forgot, so that is my bad. I'm really getting tired of it being hot. I want it to be cold. All I want to do is layer. I love being comfortable and bundled up. I can't wait for it to be so cold, you could talk and you could see the warmth of your breath in the air. I love having my nose being so cold, it could freeze. Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons. Summer is probably my last.

I don't know what the inspiration for this look was, but I definitely felt like Kylie Jenner and her little clan. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She's so gorgeous. Her outfits repeat a little too much, but hey that's her style. I do love this outfit, because I've never really done an outfit like this. It's what I call my teenage rebellion look. 

I hope you love this outfit. Have a fantastic Friday guys!! Love you all

The Sam Diaries

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