The Rock Princess...

I'm a dork I know.  Might as well be yourself on closeups. 

Crop Turtleneck Top: handed down l Skirt: Forever 21 l Sandals: unknown l Clutch Bag: Forever 21 l Spike Earrings: H&M l Sports Jacket: Forever 21

Hey there all my lovely fashion lovers!! Well it's Friday, friday gotta get down on Friday. Oh gosh I remember when Rebecca Black came out with that song. Well her 15 minutes of fame are over but anyways I hope you all are doing well. If you're not just remember you're gorgeous, beautiful, handsome all those wonderful words to describe someone and if you don't believe me well you're crazy. This girl never lies and sometimes I'm a little to straight forward with people.

I know this look may be a little funky & unusual for some of you but honestly this is one of my favorite looks I've styled on myself. I had this crop turtleneck top for a long ever since my lovely mother handed it down to me and well I was trying to put a look together with this top and since it's tight, I obviously couldn't put anything tight on the bottom or I looked like a well I think you know what. Anyways I finally found this adorable skirt of my mothers and it went perfectly together. Hope you all love this look!!

The Sam Diaries

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