Leather + Floral...

I swear I am so white. I need a tan. Unfortunately, California has not had the nice weather everyone is envy of. I guess Cali is a late bloomer.

Faux Leather Top: Forever 21 l Robot Necklace: Forever 21 l Red Belt: Forever 21 l 
High waisted floral shorts: Forever 21 l Polka Dot wedges: unknown l Earrings: Forever 21

I'm obsessed with Forever 21 as you can see, well just like any other girl in my community on a budget. I didn't realize that my outfit was a Forever 21 overdose. Well half of my wardrobe is Forever 21 since it's practically the only store that makes clothes I love and pretty affordable. Although I seriously need to check out JcPenney because of their new collection. I recommend you all go & check that out, for a fresh new take on your wardrobe.

I hope you like these two pictures I snapped of these beautiful flowers outside of my dad's place. They are blooming and they are gorgeous. I've got to say I have a little obsession with these flowers. I probably took about a billion of these pictures but I chose to only show two of my favorite. 

Now to my look for today. Well I haven't worn these high waisted floral shorts that I bought a while back. I really adored them and I've been trying to pair my faux leather top with bottoms that would make it look good. I hope you all loved this look like I did.

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