New Years Eve...

2014 is almost here!!

       2013 has been a wild ride, but I'm really thankful for my family this year, who has supported me through every decision I have made this year. Sure I made some mistakes, but without mistakes I wouldn't learn, right? With this new year approaching, I know many of you probably have many new years resolutions, whether it's dropping 10 lbs or getting that promotion you know you deserve. Only being 18, my resolutions aren't probably what you would expect an 18 year old to want.

       I know this is very cliche thing to say, but I honestly do believe it. For some reason I feel that 2014 is going to bring me many opportunities, and it's going to my choice to take them or not. If you believe the same thing, then high five!! There are 10 things I want to discuss with you all, well 10 resolutions I have for 2014. And I hope you share with me your 10 resolutions you have for 2014 because I honestly would love to hear them. So here I go:
  • My first resolution is to stop worrying, and just live my life.
  • Stay positive and whenever I'm feeling down, remember how blessed I am.
  • Spread more positivity(I know this isn't a word) in the world!! I really want to volunteer in a lot of charities this upcoming year!
  • Work hard on my blog and listen to my sister who knows more than me, even though I hate to admit that she does!!
  • Step up in my household and appreciate my parents more than I already do.
  • Get a job and work hard in school!
  • Get my license!! It will be mine!
  • Appreciate the little things!!
  • Believe that you are beautiful and so is the world, no matter all the bad things that happen in it. Like they say everything happens for a reason.
  • BE HAPPY!!!
       There are many reasons to why these are my resolutions, & I in fact are going to write them down, put them on my wall and when I feel I have accomplished this resolution I will cross it out. My quote for this year will be, "Work hard and it will pay off!" I hope you all share with me your resolutions and hope you all have a fab New Years Eve!!




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