Winter/Fall Faves

Winter/Fall Faves

Winter/Fall Faves by thesamdiaries featuring a purple dress

The other day I thought I should start doing more polyvore sets to feature on my blog for you guys. I came up with these two sets. This one above is all about winter/fall faves of mine. I featured 4 stores you gals might love/like. My fav from Forever 21 has to be the watch. I'm not a fan of cats, though they are cute. I thought it was incredibly cute. All the items featured are all under $100. I know that may be a bit expensive for you all, but I had to say under $100, due to the fabulous, worth buying leather ankle boots from H&M. They are $82, but they are worth the buy!! They're long lasting & comfortable.

I hope that most of these items were some of your need for fall/winter list. If you want me to do more sets like this, please let me know in the comments.

So with summer officially over, I know many of you have crop tops, that you have no idea how to style. I don't have as many as many of you may have, but here is one that I have similar to. This cute cat crop top is from Forever 21 and I decided to layer it with this denim collar top from H&M. If you do not like this idea or are too afraid how this might look, layer your crop top with a dress underneath. I think that is the best way to layer it. I added a lot of jewelry to this set, because the outfit is very simple and I wanted to add some statement pieces to it. I love the "Ain't No Wifey" from Tillys. It adds that pop of color and sassiness to your outfit. Hope you love this set.

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!!


The Sam Diaries

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