Money Team...

Dollar Sign Muscle Tee, Flower Harem Pants, Gold Chain: Forever 21
Sneaker Wedges: Target

Boy it seems like I love to jump, huh? I honestly do love these jumping pictures. They are something different, to me. I feel like it adds that happy feeling to my blog. It took me about 3 times to get this picture. My hair kept getting in the way. Speaking of hair, I cannot wait till mine gets longer. I am determined to get it to my butt. Just got to keep it healthy!!

This outfit was inspired by a look I saw from Instagram from the fabulous account that features tons of amazing bloggers. It's called ootdmagazine. You can submit your outfits and hope to get featured. I hope you guys love this outfit. It took 10 minutes to put it together. P.S. if you think sneaker wedges are hard to walk in, they are not. The ones featured in this post are super comfortable. They were only $30 from Target.

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!!


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