Black as Night...

Man yesterday was a good day. I don't know if any of you know, but I am quite the football fanatic. My hometeam San Diego Chargers, finally one two in a row. It was such a great game, and I am so happy that the Indianapolis Colts beat the Denver Broncos, ending their undefeated record. But now we need the Kansas City Chiefs to loose if we want to win our divisional title. I'm sorry with all this football talk. I get carried away as you can see.

So I wanted to do an all black outfit because I love the color black. I would wear it all the time but I always need a pop of color. If you're like me, you'll add it in your accessories, just like I did with my watch and my necklace. I hope you love this look.

Love you all. Stay rad.

The Sam Diaries

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