Color Blocking...

I know this pic is a bit blurry but I don't know, I love it.

Aren't these boots cute? Especially with my adorable rose socks.

When I saw this picture, I was like woah, I look so tall. Sometimes I wish to be tall but I like my height.
It makes me feel cute.

A bustier is a good under garment if you don't have a bandeau or a tank top.

I'm an Easter egg. I really did feel like that because of my bright colors. I will tell you, I felt quite adorable in this outfit. I noticed that I messed up my hair. It was really flat on top if you could tell, if not then just scratch what I said. Go back in time, and tell yourself to start reading HERE. Sorry ignore my weirdness. I really did love this outfit. I finally got to wear my new ankle booties and I love them. I felt too cute.

Love you all. Stay rad. Never forget just to BE YOURSELF!!

The Sam Diaries

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