Classy girl...

So I found this dress when we were sorting out our garage in my house. I couldn't believe my mom wanted to give this away. It's absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the color. I'm defiently a girl who needs color in anything she wears. I don't like to seem plain. This dress is actually 5 years old. It's perfect for a day in the city, a wedding, or a fancy party. I'm in love.

I thought about maybe down playing the dress, but I knew I wanted to do a post of feeling fancy and classy. I borrowed a pair of my mom's shoes and boom I felt like the classiest woman out there. I had to bike to this spot. The things I do to get a good shot. I hope you all love this outfit. You can down play this dress. I would suggest, put on your favorite sneakers, add a cap(any to your liking), and probably a varsity jacket. I think it would be the casual look you would want.

Love you all. Have a great day.

The Sam Diaries

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