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Collar Polka Dot Shirt: Similar here
Jewelry(Bib): Similar here

It's finally here!!!! Yes that's right, football is back guys!! And I'm so excited like you guys have no idea. I wait all year for this. This is why I love fall too. Now Sundays and Mondays have meanings to me. And for all the readers thinking I'm just a girly girl who just watches it because of the hot guys, I'm sorry but you are wrong. I'm the type to sit down, watch the game, and critique the player's plays. 

I just planned my outfit for the first game of the Chargers and yes I'm a fan of the Chargers. Even though they haven't been doing that great these past couple years, I will always support them. They are my home team. Always will be a Charger fan till the end.

Well the inspiration for this outfit came from a post I saw on tumblr. I cannot find the picture but this couple were both using different patterns and I suddenly knew I wanted to do a blog post about mixing prints. It's not wrong to mix prints, as long as you do it right. Polka dot print is probably the easiest print to mix with since it's very simple and it doesn't have stuff going all over. It works well with my palm trees high-waisted shorts because the black blends well with each other. I found it dull at first, so I added my red pointed bib and it was perfection. I hope you all love today's post. Thanks loves.

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