How to: make your jersey work with your everyday clothes...

Studded Baseball Cap: Similar Here
Combat Boots: Similar Here
Jewelry(Hoop Leaf Earrings): My mom's closet

With football season back, I decided that I should do a post about making your jersey go with everyday clothes. Sure I can put a jersey on and some shorts and bam, I'm done, but being who I am, that is not the case. I'm always trying to find inventive ways to make different types of materials, or clothes go together. It allows for your closet, to open so much more.

It took me a while to come up with this outfit, but once I saw my polka dot high-waisted shorts, I thought, "How cool would it be to make polka dot shorts, edgy." Once I had that thought I knew this was definitely the way I wanted to go. I know this outfit is a little out of the ordinary, but hey I've never fit in with the crowd. After putting this outfit together, I knew I need some type of earrings to make this outfit, even more edgier. I kept trying to find some spikes studs, or studded hoops. When I went into my mom's room and saw this funky leaf earrings, I knew they were the right fit. There was something about them that I thought would make it different. They were funky and cool.

I hope you all love today's post, because I was really happy about this one. Also I wanted to say thank you to all my readers who look daily at my blog. It warms my heart to know I'm reaching out to people. I also wanted to challenge you girls to go a week without wearing make up. It has worked wonders with me, because I'm not going to lie I have acne and it's now fun. So I decided a couple weeks back to stop wearing my BB cream. Ever since then my acne has slowly been clearing up. P.S. eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is a way to stay acne free!! Try it, I dare you.

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