Bonjour + School Style 1...

Happy Tuesday all!! So decided was back to school after a 3 day weekend and boy do I wish I could stay on vacation forever. Well for today's look, I went for a boho feel. I did have my hair up for school but I took it down due to a headache but I felt it gave that beachy feel. Hope you all loved today's look!!

V-neck print tee- Target / High to low skirt- JcPenney / Belt- Forever 21 / Combat boots- Macy's
Necklace- Target

So I'm going to start adding daily outfits that I loved that my peers wore to school! The theme for today was Denim. I felt that each took a different style. I loved that she used a white button up perfectly with this dress. Also I loved the orange shoulder bag, it gave it the color to brighten up the outfit. 

In this outfit I loved the different colors of denim. It was definitely different than anything I've seen at school. I felt this outfit had that laid back rocker feel. I absolutely loved it.

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