A Dash of Bohemian...

It's the middle of the week guys!! Yes, only two more days till Friday. Thank God right?! Well I'm sorry that I've been a lazy butt these past few days, but I appreciate you all looking at my blog daily. It feels awesome when I know y'all are looking at it. 

Well for the look of yesterday, I haven't really exposed the bohemian side of me, so that was my challenge. Since, my hometown has some abnormal weather, I had to do a little of layering. As you can see, I did two different types of shoes because I felt that one is for the girl who loves heels(me) and the girl who loves flats and being laidback. I loved how the shoes gave off both a different feel to the look. I hope you all loved yesterday's look!!

Blazer- Forever 21 / Shaw- Forever 21 / Shirt- Forever 21 / Trousers- Target / Heels- Forever 21 / Combat Boots- Macy's / Feather Earrings- Tillys / Fedora- Target

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