Coachella Essentials #1

H&M Loves Music!

H&M Loves Music! by thesamdiaries featuring St. Ives

So as you all know Coachella is right around the corner and I do hope to go somehow  and well here are my essentials if you or I were to go. I use all these products and they are very good and can be found at your local drug store. Here is why:

  • The BB cream is good at covering and keeping your skin moisturized.
  •  I love the baby lips by Maybelline because it works wonders on my lips that are always chapped.
  •  The St.Ives is really great at keeping your skin moisturized and my skin is really dry so I love it.
  • Neutrogena's make up remover wipes are really great because they not only remove the make up but any dirt on your skin. I have had less acne since using 
  • The clean & clear acne cleanser is great because it's benzyl peroxide so it less irritating to my skin and has helped clear my skin up a bit.
  • I also chose this outfit because it is very hot in Indio so this is a light outfit you can wear but still have that chic boho look!

Top: Target
Midi Skirt: Forever 21
Ankle Booties: Target

So here is my first Coachella outfit idea. It's the perfect combination of chic and boho. This skirt used to fit me as a maxi skirt but I guess I have grown a lot because it now fits me as a midi skirt. This look is great for Coachella because it gives you that figure hugging with the top being tied and loose fitting with the midi skirt. It has that country boho vibe. You don't have to wear the ankle booties because of course you walk a lot around Coachella so you can wear flat ankle booties or sandals. You'll still have the same look. Hope you love my first Coachella outfit look! Can't wait to show you more.




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