Army Jacket...

Jacket: Forever 21
Tight fitted dress: H&M
Booties: Target

Been dying to wear this dress.

Hello loves! I hope you all are having a rad week and if you're not, well know it will turn around and something great will happen. I'm a pretty negative person but I do my best to be positive. So flash a smile, maybe make someone's day. Just know you're alive and beautiful/handsome, even if you don't believe. The world is yours,so go and explore it.

I literally have been wanting to wear this cute tight fitted dress from H&M. I have had it for almost a year now and I really love it but I'm really not the tight of girl to wear it all by itself. When I found this amazing army jacket at Forever21, I knew it was perfect. It has this cool vibe to it and I hope you enjoy this outfit.

Love you all!!

Remember to be yourself and love yourself!!

Every day is worth fighting for!!

The Sam Diaries

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