Two wears to wear a pencil skirt...

Look 1:                                                                                          Look 2:
Crop Top, Pencil Skirt, Backpack: Forever 21                                    Sheer Top:H&M
Robot High Tops: Vans                                                                    Everything else is Forever 21

From casual to fancy. Ooh la la!

I love my orange clutch. It provides the perfect pop of color. 

It's Christmas Eve. I'll be celebrating today. My family has this tradition that everyone comes over for a dinner and then we play games or something to keep us till midnight to open presents!! I hope it goes well today and I'm pretty excited to show you all what I'm wearing today. It has to do with Minnie Mouse and no I'm not dressing up as her, as if. Oh man, I need to watch Clueless. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

So for today's post, I decided to show you all two ways to style a pencil skirt. the first way is very casual and is a look you can wear that's still chic but comfortable. Ladies my skirt does not fit me tight, because I'm still growing into my body. I'm a late bloomer. The skirt should be tight. Do not get freaked out over it looking weird. I thing it looks fine but I know some of you might be skeptic about it. Instead of the high tops, replace them with sneaker wedges. That will give you height and still keep the look chic and casual.

The second look was what I call my "office look." I call it that because, well if I ever have an office job, I would probably wear this. I really adore this look, because it's sexy yet classy. I love looks like this honestly, because it proves that you don't need to bare all your goodies to be sexy. Sometimes when you bare all your goodies, well you might look a bit "trashy." Hope you all love today's looks!!




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