Sporty Leather...

Faux Leather Top, High-waisted Palm Shorts, Orange Clutch: Forever 21
Wedge Sneakers, Studded Cap: Target
Jewelry: H&M

Well what a weekend I had. This weekend was truly the best. Though my Chargers lost, I will support them no matter what. I'll always be a Charger fan no matter if we're 0-16 or 16-0. Charger fan till the end. For all of my new loves visiting today on my blog, I have to let you know that I truly am one of the biggest Charger fans, & I always have dreamed of going to a game and actually being on the field. It would be the most amazing experience of my life. I hope one day I could do that.

As for today's outfit, I love my new wedge sneakers from Target. They are super easy to walk in and they go with almost anything. I do recommend you get these because if you want to add something easy to your outfit, that makes it look from boring to casual, then these are perfect. I do love this outfit because it was very comfortable yet chic at the same time. I hope you love this outfit.

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!


The Sam Diaries


  1. That game was grueling!!! Regardless love my Chargers, my dream is to see them win a Superbowl, I would request the whole week off after to celebrate... anywho... Love your outfit!! That top is awesome!


  2. Oh my goodness right! & it's my dream too. If they win a Superbowl, I'm so getting it tatted. & thank you very much!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and I love the shorts :) x

    ~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.com