Geometric Bodycon Skirt...

Graphic Tank, Bodycon Skirt, Jewelry: Forever 21
Robot High Tops: Vans

I'm sorry these pictures are a bit blurry. These were the ones that managed to look a bit clear. I guess my camera was being stupid & just wasn't focusing right. It made me a bit mad because I loved the way the pictures could have looked but no, it never works out for me. 

I hope you guys do like this outfit. I plan on doing a night outfit with this same outfit. I will then combine so you can see the easy pieces to change your outfit from the day to night. Before I do pick what pieces I want to up this outfit, let me tell you that the most key piece you can to up this outfit is either statement heels or a statement jewelry. Since this skirt is already complicated you don't want to add a statement jacket to this, because it will only make your outfit look out of place.

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!!


The Sam Diaries

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