Layering: Fall Edition

Color blocking Jacket: JcPenney
Striped Sweater, Colored Skinny Jeans, Fedora Hat: Forever 21
Collared White Tee: unknown
Ankle Booties: H&M

I am so excited guys!!!! My daddy is finally here!!! He's back in SD & I am so happy, like you guys have no idea. He's been gone for 3 months because now he lives in Washington, the state! Not DC. A lot of people have confusion with that. I always have to say the state, if I tell people I'm going to Washington, which I am in a couple of weeks and I'm totes excited for that. I will definitely have great outfits for all of you experiencing cold, cold weather.

It was finally cold enough for me to layer. I have been dying to wear this outfit. I just got these cute colorful jeans from Forever 21. I know can buy jeans from other places other than PacSun, which I am thankful for, because well PacSun is pretty expensive. These fit perfectly and were very comfortable. They do have that zipper end to the pants, that a lot jeans have added to the design. I hope you all love this outfit!! If this is too much for you, just take away the jacket, add boots instead of the ankle booties, and a cute beanie and you have a more cool, relaxed look. 

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!!



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