XXI prizes part two...

Happy Monday right? I know we all dread Mondays but we can't stay in the weekend forever. Life has to keep moving forward, or else you're stuck in the same day over and over. Life has been pretty great right now. I actually think I'm going to get a job soon. It's pretty exciting because it will be my first one. I know people dread work, but hey it's money and sometimes we get the job we love.

The inspiration for this outfit was to show off one of my Forever 21 prizes{crop top}. I actually love this prize. It can go with so many bottoms or you can even layer it over any top. This outfit is very edgy and it is one of my favorites. I probably wouldn't wear the wedges if I was going to the mall or walking around town, I would probably wear sneakers. I love heels but hey, they do hurt after a while. 

Hope you all love this outfit.

The Sam Diaries

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