Sports Chic...

Everything is Forever 21. It was an overload of Forever. I'm too obsessed.

I am so nervous and studying like crazy for my permit. My friends actually gave me their tests to help study off, and it's practically common sense, but man I am so nervous. It's this Thursday, and I feel like I am going to pass, but at the same time, I feel I'm not. I'll just try to maintain staying positive. And to all my readers remember to stay positive through anything. When you're in the dark, try your hardest to find the light.

Most of my upcoming posts are going to be for the Forever 21 instagram contest going on right now. I have been going up and beyond my limit to be creative with what I'm styling. This is probably one of my best creations. The theme was: graphic tank. So I started thinking in my mind, looking up my favorite bloggers, or looking at Tumblr or Pinterest, to give me ideas, and then it hit me. I can finally do a sports chic post. These fabulous gifts from the XXI contest I won{sweats, and wedge sneakers}, were the perfect fit. I also love my new jacket I bought. It is definitely perfect for fall. I hope you all love this outfit, and try something similar with your clothes. Never be afraid to stand out. Most people will look and wish they could pull off your look.

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