The MAD Hatter...

For any of you who don't know what this means. It means "I Love You" in Sign Language.
Letting you know that I love you all.

That tongue though. My adorable baby, Bambi.

She loves my kisses. 

I love these glasses a lot. I believe they are still selling them at Target. 

Oh gosh I just found out my other dog Casper, who isn't pictured but he got bit by something and I am so worried. Bambi got bit before and it got so bad. I hope this bit isn't anything bad. Hopefully my mom can take my baby boy to the Vet. In the mean please pray for him, it might seems silly but I really don't want to loose him. He's my baby.

On to my outfit. This was really something simple I came up within 5 minutes. It's something you can wear for all seasons, obviously for fall and winter you would just layer more stuff on, for example a coat and some cute pantyhose would fit perfect for fall. Hope you guys like this outfit.

Love all my FASHION HOMIE$!!!


The Sam Diaries

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