Color Layering...

My fabulous photographer for the day. Love you danessa.

Isn't she a cutie? 

I have to start with, I have never felt so classy, girly, and preppy in my life. I was so in love with this outfit, like you have no idea. I was all excited to wear this outfit. It's definitely the perfect combination of colors and the coat is perfect if you are in chilly weather. It was finally cold in SD, and well if you live in SD, you would know why I saw it was FINALLY cold. Fall/winter weather doesn't really hit SD probably till mid November. If we're lucky, it can hit towards the end of October.

As I told you loves, my posts are going to deal with the Forever 21 Instagram contest going on right now. The theme for this post was, jewelry. I thought the prize from my XXI contest I won, was perfect. I was so excited when I opened my prize to see I won this. I love statement necklaces. They have such an impact on your outfit. They can transform it very easily. This necklace is perfect if you're going for elegance, or preppy. They are kind of the same. I feel preppy is a little more laid back, and being classy or elegant is, well the type of parties Gatsby would throw.

Hope you all love this look. Love you all.

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