Plaid meets Denim...

MONDAY has come again. I know most people dread Mondays because that means school or work but come on guys put a smile on your face and enjoy life. I know this is cliche but life is short, you never know how easily someone can be taken from your life. Well anyways, I told you guys in a post that my Forever 21 prize had come in and here I am wearing one of the pieces they gave me. It's the denim mini skirt and to be honest, I was having trouble styling it. You don't want to look like trailer trash. 

I thought I would take a grunge look with it. I thought about the 90's and how that style was very in, so that era definitely inspired this look. I know it's a bit odd to have a spike necklace with studs already on the shoulders but I felt the look looked incomplete without it. I think it gave it that extra edge it needed. I hope you all love this look for today.

The Sam Diaries

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