Back to the 50's...

Happy Sunday!! Sundays are so much better now, because my fav shows are back!! If you haven't watched Once Upon a Time or Revenge, you need to. I'm so addicted to those shows. They are beyond good. If you have Netflix, I recoomend you catch up. This is a show you don't want to miss out on. I do have dilemma today. Since the Oakland A's have made the postseason for MLB, the game for the Chargers won't be until 8:40 and that is when my show is on. If you ask why the game will be late. Well the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland A's share the same stadium so, it takes a while for the staff to change the field from baseball to football. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

The inspiration for this outfit was definitely the 50's. My mom gave me her old high-waisted shorts she bought from Forever a while back, and I am so glad they fit. They are so preppy and perfect. I love the way they fitted on me. I did have to use a belt, because I'm still small. I honestly love/hate that I'm still in a little girls body. But I kind of love that I look younger than my actual age. I hope you all love today's outfit. Comment if you want me to do a specific outfit. 

Love you all!!

The Sam Diaries

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