Iron Woman...

My baby boy Casper. Isn't he a cutie?

How are all of you today? Any of you excited about all the fall shows coming back or excited for new ones? I don't know if any of you love Vampire Diaries, but I do. The creators or writers recently just did a spinoff of that show & it's called the Originals. I did watch it, and it was a bit confusing I must say. I really don't love that they now have their own show because now it's going to be weird if the characters come back on VD. Not to be mean, but I hope it's gets cancelled. I mean Klaus and Caroline are supposed to be together!!

Well enough with my tv drama, now onto my outfit of the day. I was wearing a different top with these leggings but it was a bit off, so i decided to put on my Iron man muscle tee. And yes he is my favorite Superhero, and I love the actor who plays him. He made me love Iron Man even more. While all other superheroes are hiding, he's like screw you all I'm Iron Man, and no one can stop me. This looks was very simple and easy. It almost has that grunge feel, but if you do want it to look grunge, I would say curl your hair then smooth them out, to look a bit messy, and if you already have curly hair then perfect. Add a motorcycle like jacket, and then you're done. You have the perfect grunge look.

I hope you all love today's look. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

The Sam Diaries

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