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If you did not watch last nights Glee, please do not read this. I never cry for shows, but I was bawling like a baby during yesterdays episode. I remember when my sister told me that he died, I literally got chills all over my body. I really couldn't believe it. Glee was a show that always made me smile and laugh. It's one of a kind show. Cory was the leader, he was the one you would think of when you heard the word: glee. You'll always be in my heart Cory, forever.

I also want to take this time to tell any of my readers that are struggling with addiction or know someone struggling with addiction, that you are not alone and there is plenty of help out there to get you to a better place. I know life is hard, but know there are people out there who really do care about you and love you. You are never alone. I also want to take this time to tell you, my readers that it is always kind to give a stranger a smile. Sometimes it could be the reason for someone to stop them from doing something that would change their life forever. 

I'm going to leave it at that. I love you all.

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