Black and White...

Hey my loves, I'm sorry I've been gone. I've been dealing with other things, but I'm back. I wonder how you are all doing. Thanks for everyone who has visited while I was gone. I really do appreciate it. So over this break I got my Forever 21 prize and I'm dying to show you all. There will be a blog post about that coming soon. They sent me a lot of cute stuff and definitely stuff that is risky and I love it.

There wasn't much inspiration for this outfit. I just wanted to get an outfit that works with my polka dot knee high socks. Since they are print, I was trying to find a way to make them suitable for anything but not over the edge. I went with the plain black and white scheme, because it complimented the socks well. I wanted the socks to be the focus and I think this outfit does well with that.

I hope you all love today's outfit. See you tomorrow. Love you all.

The Sam Diaries

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