90's throwback...

Multi Collar Skirt: thrifted

Excuse my acne. This was a mega close up. I'm glad my skin is getting clearer though. I know a lot of bloggers wear make up because you look more put together but I am proud of my skin, even if I do have blemishes. I want my blog to be real. I think less make up is the way to go. I've been make up free for like 6 months and I feel great. Sure I have moments where I think I'm ugly, but I realize I'm better than that. Don't feel sorry for yourself, work with what you got. 

Today's look was a little of a throwback. I've seen that the 90's are making a come back and so I decided to bring back the famous two bun hairstyle into today's look. I know it's a little funky but I absolutely love it. I think it's difference & fresh. I think without the buns, it would be the usual white collar, skater skirt look. I always like to mix it up. You will never catch a dull moment in my outfits. I'm always striving to take my looks to a different level. It's what I love most about my blog. I hope you all love this look just like I do.

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