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Floral Skater Skirt: Similar Here

Hey loves, I'm so sorry I've been gone for these past two days. I got super lazy and that is my fault. I promise it won't happen again. I've been trying my best to keep up with my blog, and I recently just updated my about me, so do go check that out. I worked very hard on it. It took me about an hour to make that photo perfect, trust me.

Well this outfit was actually inspired when I went into Forever 21 to get an application. My mom told me to change into something that made them want to hire me. It really didn't matter what I looked  like. They just handed me the application. To be honest, the people that work there dress kind of crappy. I wish they put effort into their outfits. It would make me want to buy their clothes even more, don't you think??

I hope you all love today's post. I'm actually excited for the upcoming posts I'm going to do. They are such cute outfits. I adore them all. Hope you all are having a fantastic FRIDAY!! TGIF my loves!!!!

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