Neon Teaparty...

Cat eye Sunglasses: vintage

Excuse the ugly background. I have no idea why I wanted to take pictures with that background.

A mega close up for you all. Glad to have clearer skin and to be proud of wearing no foundation what so ever!!!

Hello my loves. It's Saturday and it is not as hot as I thought it would be here in SD. According to the news, the weather was supposed to climb up to the 90's, but it only feels like, roughly around 75 degrees. Hmm maybe it's just me. Anyways I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. I'm so glad I finally got to sleep in, after I decided to let my dogs sleep with me in my room. A tip for you all, be prepared to be licked a lot. I swear my boy dog, Casper is such a baby. He kept licking me all night. After finally telling him no about 30 times, he decided okay back to sleep. Ugh sometimes I can kill him but I love him to much. Thank goodness my girl dog, Bambi isn't much of a cuddler.

I don't know what the inspiration for this outfit was, but after cutting off the shoulder pads on this shirt I was finally digging this shirt. My mom bought it probably last year, and I pretended to like it. Sometimes you just have to throw your own twist on things, even if that means cutting some of the material off. To be honest, these braids made me feel like a boxer. I felt like I was about to go fight Mayweather. 

That reminds me, are you gonna watch the fight. I really do hope that Canelo wins. I'm sorry but Mayweather talks to much trash for my liking. Plus who likes woman beaters, um no one. Sorry Chris Brown fans. I hope you all love my cute look today. Have a good day!!

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  1. I hate it that Mayweather won :( Not impressed though, as it was not a KO.

  2. I love your neon pop color!! Bright sunshiny day! Gorgeous!!

  3. Awwh thank you love. And I know sweetheart, I wish Canelo won.