Nature Center...

Sorry excuse the fact, that I don't know how to keep all my pictures aligned in the same size. I'm still getting used to all of this.

Doing some yoga and giving birth to my egg that I laid.

Owls are pretty cool creatures. It's crazy how they can turn their head basically all the way around.

Beautiful flowers.

I was really surprised, these fish didn't swim away. My flash was pretty bright, to get a clear picture. I wonder sometimes, what it's like to be a fish. 

I love these flowers. They're so bright & vivid. 

Cool shark sculpture made out of waste. At first, I didn't see it was made out of trash. Crazy how you can make anything into a piece of art.

Floral Tank: Pacsun l Denim Shirt: H&M l Skinnies: Pacsun l Boots: Tillys l Shoulder Bag: Unknown l Glasses: Target

So I went to the nature center and I haven't been there in years. I haven't been there since I was maybe about 12, the last time I went. The Nature Center is pretty cool, to see all different animals and creatures. I also felt bad for this hawk, it wanted to fly so bad. It kept trying to, but would run into the barrier from the outside world. It was a fun day and I recommend all you in San Diego, to go check it out.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

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