Lost Girl...

Graphic Shirt: Forever 21 l Leggings: Papaya l Trim Hat: Forever 21 l Combat Boots: Macy's

This was something I just threw on because I wanted to take more pictures with the flowers in the back while the sun was setting. Well anyways, it's Thursday already. This week went by so fast. Only 36 days till my graduation. It's crazy how fast time flies. I mean as cliche as it is, life is pretty short. I mean soon I'll be a freshman in college. 

There are times where I wish life could just slow down and I could live in this pause. I could do a million things that would take a lifetime to do. Well I've learned to live for each second, enjoy it, like there's no tomorrow.

Like I said this outfit was thrown together at random. It has a grunge feel to it. There were really no necklaces with color that I liked that could go with it. I hope you liked this simple, grunge outfit.

The Sam Diaries

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