Menswear + Prep...

Yum Yum Sushi!! So I happened to eat sushi this day & I love it. I tried something new, this one was called SS Crab Roll. I was a little afraid to try it but boy was it good. I recommend that if you have not tried sushi, you need to go now. Like stop looking at mine and go get some of your own!!

Sweater: Forever 21 l Collar Shirt: JcPenney l Necklace: Hand me down l Jeans: Pacsun l Boots: H&M l Earrings: Forever 21 l Bag: Macy's*not sure*

I'm sorry that this post is late. It was meant for yesterday, but my blogspot was down for some reason and was not letting me post. I'm sorry to discourage some of you *sarcastic voice*. 

Anyways, I really was dying to wear my new sweater. I'm the type of person that when I get new clothes, I have this urge to wear it the next day. I mean it's new and new outfit. Sorry I'm a little tad obsessed with clothes. Isn't that ironic a poor girl who loves shopping. Well I hope you guys liked this look. I guess you can say I appealed more to menswear with this look with touches of preppiness: the necklace, earrings, and beanie. Hope your day was wonderful!!

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