Cool Chic...

V-neck Tee: Target l Jeans: Pacsun l Shoes: Aldo l Heart Necklace: Unknown l Earrings: Forever 21 l
Cardigan: Forever 21 l Beanie: Unknown

How's it going guys?? I hope you all had a great 4 day weekend, cause I sure did. I swear I should live in LA. The fashion, the atmosphere, it is just too damn beautiful. The only problem is so many people, which is so dumb for me to say since I want to live in New York City some day, or maybe soon if I get into NYU. Fingers crossed.

Well this outfit was really designed for me to wear heels but something changed my mind. My sister let me borrow her gorgeous Aldo shoes that I absolutely adore and wish were mine but oh well. Someday I will have my own money and buy gorgeous items like that. I really went simple for this outfit and I hope you all love it!!

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