Not so Innocent...

Ignore my face looking weird. I swear to you, the lighting of outside made my make up look super weird. I do not even wear that much make up so I have no idea why my face looks like that. This is embarrassing but oh well.

Jacket: JcPenney l Rolling Stones Shirt: Forever 21 l Necklace: Forever 21 l Leggings: Forever 21 l Combat Boots: Macy's l Earrings: unknown

I think this is one of my favorite looks. I really love my color blocking jacket and to believe I got it at JcPenney is unbelievable. I honestly suggest you guys start shopping there, they have been bringing into new, unique items that I'm loving. 

Onto the look of today, I would say I went for rock meets prep. I have been trying to go for different looks. I feel like most of the time I aim for a general area, so I've been trying to mix it up. I hope you guys love this look!!

If you guys want me to maybe do a tutorial on doing a type of style for an outfit you're thinking of, or how to pair an item in an outfit? Anything. Just let me know!! I'm up for anything. Thanks!!

The Sam Diaries


  1. Hi lovely!

    I found your blog via San Diego Style Bloggers. You have great style! Love the shirt!!!