Be my DreamCatcher...

It's the middle of the week and tomorrow's valentines day. Well I hope if you do have a special person in your life, you spend it well with them, and all my single followers don't worry you're all so beautiful/handsome and as cliche as it is we all will find our "prince charming/princess" someday.

I guess you can say I took a bold move with this look. I haven't really done anything like this. It's very laid back and simple to me. I loved this outfit with the draping of the shirt and the cardigan. It perfectly meshed together. I hope you all loved this look. Oh by the way Happy Wednesday!!!

Cardigan- Forever 21 / Draped Shirt- Forever 21 / Dream catcher earrings- Forever 21 / Skull Necklace- unknown /
 Long necklace- Forever 21 / Booties- topshop / 
slouchy shorts- Aeropostale 

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