Kiss Me...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful, loving day!! Although seeing a bunch of girls get flowers & chocolates was depressing, I'm still happy cause I got lovely friends who brought chocolate. 

Well onto the look of today. It was inspired for Valentine's Day, I was thinking about changing the theme of my outfit for today but I figured since it's Valentine's day, might as well do it. I wanted the look to have a preppy yet edgy feel, in which I think accomplished. Hope you loved this look!!

Beanie- Target/ Glasses- Target/ Dress- Forever 21 / Necklace- Forever 21/
Tights- Forever 21 / Wedges- Forever 21

I also included my mom because I really adored what she wore today for her date with her man. I felt it had a modern twist on the 50's style. Isn't she just adorable? Of course!!

Aren't we just adorable? Hehe yes. Ignore the car!! Sorry about that. Hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Don't let anything bring you down today!!

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