Crop Top: Forever 21
White Shorts: H&M
Robot High Tops: Vans
Cat Eye Sunglasses: Target

I need more shoes from vans. It's been so long since I have bought a new pair.

So San Diego seems to not get that it's winter. It has been 80 and above for the past few days and it's annoying honestly. I'm trying to do winter outfits, and San Diego is making me use some of summer ideas. No fair SD! I guess this is what I get for living in the beautiful city. I'm sorry that I didn't post for 2 days. I had to take a pause for personal reasons. But I am back and ready to blog again.

This look was very simple and like I said it has been hot here in SD!! I felt like doing a simple post since almost every thing I post is not simple at all. I plan on doing more simple posts for those of you that aren't weird like me. This outfit is pretty great for all my teens. It's a bit revealing but still covering up the areas that your momma will tell you to go back and change for dressing to sexy. Don't worry I have been told and have to go back change. Sometimes a girl wants to be sexy but being sexy doesn't mean having to show off all your goodies, trust me.

Hope you all love this simple look. Did you notice that my crop top is the X-men. I absolutely love all the movies. One of my fav Marvel movies. I'm the type of girl that would rather go watch action movies than romantic ones. Romantic movies are almost all the same.




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