Playing with Scissors...

Graphic Tee: Forever 21 l Pants: Target l Gold Chain: Forever 21 l Sports Jacket: Shimmer l Combat Boots: Macy's

Hey guys it's throwback thursday. Although I don't have any throwback pictures for you today, well I do have some I just rather not post them. Excuse my laziness. I know I've been super lazy these past two weeks because I have senioritis and no it's not an actual disease, just something we senior's use as a way to say we are over high school, which I am! Can't wait for college.

Well for this look, it was planned for my best dressed picture but some things came up and so I didn't take my picture but it's alright. Anyways, it was a mixture of simple and edge at the same time. I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and go for more daring pieces. I hope you loved this look!!

The Sam Diaries

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