My Sweet Darling...

Shirt: Pacsun l Collar Necklace: Forever 21 l Polka Dot high to low skirt: Target l Black Wedges: Forever 21

TGIF loves! It's finally Friday & I'm super excited that I only have 1 week left of school & then spring break. Although it does suck that I only get two weeks. But hey two weeks hopefully homework free. I really hope I don't have any homework during the break, this girl needs a break.

Well for this look I went simple, I loved the purple & blue together, it kept it very calm. A sudden heat wave hit my hometown so I was bringing out some of my summer pieces. I really adored this high to low skirt because one it fit me perfectly(thank God) and two because you can use it for so many different types of style, whether it be bohemian, preppy, rock whatever you love. Hope you loved this look!

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