Little Red Riding Hood...

What a beautiful day it is. I'm absolutely loving this weather. I finally can bring out my coats and do some layering. Well I did plan this outfit for super cross. If you guys don't know what that is, it's just an event that deals with motorcycles and no road motorcycles like dirt motorcycles. 

I know it's twice in a row that I've worn coats but what can I say I finally can wear them. Especially since I haven't worn these coats because I was afraid they wouldn't fit me but they do. I hope you absolutely love this look!!

Coat- unknown/ Fur cardigan- Forever 21 / Sweater- Forever 21 / Jeans- Pacsun / Boots- H&M /
Beanie- Target / Earrings- Forever 21

Excuse the fact that I wore these boots again too. I forgot to bring my heels.

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